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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  February 9, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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silencers. police in southern california are on edge. dorner is accused of killing three people including a police officer and the daughter of a police captain, part of a vendetta that stems from his fires as an l.a.p.d. officer in 2008. late today, chief charlie become told kcbs he would reopen the case. >>y don't do it to appease him. i do it so the public has confidence in the los angeles accomplice department. >> the mayor says the alert level remains high. >> you can't let your guard down. we're not letting our guard down. he's obviously someone who has planned this for some time. this is a very very dangerouster: dorne man. >> reporter: dorners thatpe threatened to attack what heca
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calls target-rich environments. the grammys take place here in los angeles tomorrow night, the l.a.p.d. will be out in force,in not only looking out for the safety of celebrities, but alsofe for themselves. jim. >> axelrod: carter evans in los angeles, thank you very much. mary ellen o'toole is a former profilers for the f.b.i. and joins us now in washington. surv mary ellen, these latest reports of survival gear, a broken axle on the truck, it would appear dorner has had to improvise. do what's the likely effect on the search now that he's had a change of plans? sear >> it's likely he's making more>> and more mistakes, and in large part because he is now the pa person that is being hunted. he he has no experience with that. he has training with l.a.p.d. with he has training with the he has military, but he's never been ins the circumstance where people where are now looking for him. so there's a lot of stress on that him as well. and as that continues, he will begin to, i think, make more andistak
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more mistakes. >> axelrod: he was fired in 2008. it's now 2013. why, if five years has elapsed has he now chosen to snap?i >> i do not believe that chris snapped at all.i t i think that this was a longing and i time in planning and i believebelieve he he pant sighted about doing thisor for a very long period of time. so as time goes on between whenn he lost his job and the moment he began to act out, everything that happened to him, he blamedg los angeles pd.geles he did not snap, though. he had been thinking about this. >> axelrod: but this is calculated. he doesn't snap. >> he did not snap. >> axelrod: mary ellen o'toole in washington thank you. now to our other biggistic travel bans in connecticut rhode island, and massachusetts.
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at least deaths are blamed on the storm, and high winds have left more than 600,000 customers without power. many areas had more than two and a half feet of snow. they got 40 inches in hampden, connecticut. we begin tonight with terrell brown in quincy, massachusetts. terrell. >> reporter: residents are digging out from nearly three feet of snow that fell acrossw t the northeast, so much that snow plows could barely keep up andheast, s even first responders were stranded. portland, maine, got nearly 30 inches of snow, break a 1979 g record. reco high tides and high winds along the massachusetts coastlineong forced some residents to evacuate.evacuate governor deval patrick: >> the storm has largely passed through the commonwealth now.wealth we're still dealing with some issues around coastal flooding. >> reporter: nearly 600,000ter: customers across four states lost power. in quincy, massachusetts, almostpower. the entire city was in the dark.
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>> your address, ma'am. >> >> reporter: the calls for helpam. streamed into the emergency operations center, most from from residents stranded at home withe w no heat. officer cheryl potter evacuated joannie alvarado, and her baby daughter. it was potter's tenth rescue today. have you ever seen anything like this before? have y >> no, i haven't. not in my lifetime.. >> reporter: heavy, wet snow andwet hurricane-force wind gusts toppled trees and power lines. trees nancy reid is the president of nancy re the power company for the region. when is the power coming back?e pow >> well, this is going to be ael multiday event. you know, this could be-- itve could be monday. c it could be tuesday. people need to brace r themselves and they need to find shelter if they're cold. >> reporter: alvarado and her daughter will spend the night in the gym of this local highpe school until power is restored. local h to help massachusetts get power restored to neighborhoods like get this, new york's governor is promising to send utility workers to help in the cleanup.he tonight, temperatures in the boston area are expected to be
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in the teens and single digits. >> axelrod: terrell, thanks. travel across the northeast is still very slow going this evening.e >> reporter: despite warningsite not to drive last night, the snow swallowed up dozens of cars along the long island expressway, one of the region's long busiest highways. even some emergency vehicles could not get through. at least 150 people spent the at night in their cars. >> put on the three layers of clothing i brought, threw some blankets over me and went to sleep.ght, >> mass transit systems work to get back on schedule. boston's commuter trainset remainsideled. amtrak service between northeast cities resumed, but service toton hard-hit boston was canceled. >> i >> it is really frustrating. f >> reporter: donna has slept in new york's penn station the past two nights hoping to catch a train to visit her >> i thought maybe one night you know, i'd be out of here.
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>> reporter: airlines canceled more than 2,000 flights today,flights but boston's logan was the only major airport closed. it was expected to reopense tonight.en marietta dyer was among the passengers stranded at new york's j.f.k. airport waiting to visit her ailing father in peru. >> i'm just hoping that somebody will be able to make some sense and put us in a plane and sendome us to where we need to to >> reporter: diane and robert's month-long vacation to south robert america has been delayed. >> if our flight tonight leaves if at 10:55, we will have been atat the airport for 30 hours. >> reporter: what's that like? li >> it's-- if i never see j.f.k. for a while i'll be very happy. >> reporter: saturday is considered a light travel day,ravel and that could help the airlines as they look to get back on as track before the sunday evening trac rush. jim. >> axelrod: thank you, manuel. let's turn now to meteorologist
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jeff biardelli.rologi you have been a weatherman nearly 20 years and have seenrma things you had never seen before. >> looking at the radar yesterday i was amazed howav bright the colors were. r at times it looked more like a hurricane than a blizzard. lo notice all the bright reds appearing.notice a that's something you see inreds strong thunderstorms and all and those bright blues, that's very,ht very heavy snow.vy s in fact, we'll zoom in a little bit closer and notice over long island and connecticut, the really deep shades of blue. that's four to five inches an that hour. and as you can imagine because imagine it lasted for several hours, sever that really piles up very quickly. >> axelrod: i understand people in the northeast may not get a chance to fully dig out of thisnd storm before dealing with the next? >> the computer models are hinting at another storm, maybe a little further south, as early as wednesday and thursday and it could be a snowstorm. >> axelrod: jeff, thank you. bet >> axelrod: later, a meditation on better living. volunteers from the caribbean
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] and because it's drug free it's safe to use with any medicine to relieve my nighttime stuffy nose. so i can breathe better and sleep better. [ female announcer ] go to for special offers. >> axelrod: in chicago today first lady michelle obama joined hundreds of mourners at the o funeral for a teenaged victim of gun violence. violen the death of 15-year-old hadiya pendleton has shaken a city where gang shootings are all too common. dean reynolds reports from chicago. >> reporter: they prayed today that the murder of hadiyaadiya pendleton may stop the carnage that grips chicago's poorest neighborhoods.rnage her mother, chepatry cowley, is latest to express her grief. >> you don't know how hard thisri really is, and those of you that is, and
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do know how hard this is, i'm sorry. i'm sorry. >> reporter: first lady michelle obama, the mother of two daughters, was among the mourners for the girl who was literally her neighbor. she was killed last month a mile from the obamas' chicago home, eight days after performing at inaugural events in washington. >> god bless everyone today. washin >> reporter: as they prepared to bury her, hadiya's teenaged friends mourned the death ofa's their shared dreams. >> she always told me to do my best in school because we were going to go to college together. >> reporter: police say they areol making progress in the hunt for the shooter, most likely a gangr, member, and that prompted fatherh michael flager to call for prompt action. >> we must interrupt the code of silence that is hiding people, killers in our own communityur and we must interrupt this evilust that is snatching our future. >> reporter: hadiya's godfather, damen stewart, is a chicago ha
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police officer. >> do the simple things, police your own family. find someone with your bloodown that runs through your veins that you see falling down the wayside and make the decision you're not going to turn your>> r back on them. >> reporter: the sad truth is similar calls have been made before at hundreds of other funerals in this city. dean reynolds, cbs news, chicago. >> axelrod: 506 people were murdered in chicago last year. mu 80% were shootings. gun violence will be on the agenda for president obama's state of the union address this tuesday night. garr keefe white house correspondent major garrett joins us now. major, how hard do you expectident to the president to push his case for gun control? >> reporter: well, he'll push it, jim, but the president will use the state of the union the address to talk about more things like the economy, expanding economic growth, and expandin increasing jobs for american people. gun control will be mentioned,tion but it won't be emphasized. emphasi economic news is still mixed and is the president's approval ratings have dipped a bit recently.
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the white house knows americans are focused first and foremoste on jobs, and that issue has been on the backburner as the president almost exclusively in the early part of his second term has focused on gun control and immigration >> gun control is a broad topic. how specific do you expect himc. to be tuesday night?pe >> reporter: we're told, jim the president will talk about>> r the three priorities he has already put before congress and the american people-- a ban ony assault-style weapons, a ban on high-capacity magazines andweapons, a universal background checks on all fewer firearm sales. univ of these three, universal background checks are attracting most bipartisan support in the house and senate and it is this reform the white house is adamant about achieving. it will fight for the other two, jim, but on the universal background checks, that's wheret' the white house will really put its muscle. >> axelrod: major garrett at the white house for us tonight thank you. to up next, a man seeking peace of up mind in one of the most contentious workplaces in america.
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na nasa says its rover "curiosity" has drilled two and a half inches deep into the surface ofma mars and left two those prove it.le that is calls it the most challenging engineering task rover has faced since landing last summer.f we turn now to the challenge of slowing down the hectic pace of life. it can often seem as though o we've squeezed out any time for thoughtfulness and contemplationulness as we go about our daily lives. but one man's got an idea how to change that and perhaps the t power to do so. in the tranquility of his living hi room in youngstown, ohio, 39-ut year-old tim ryan is conducting his 30-minute morning ritual. ryan is meditating. slowing his breathing, clearing his head of clutter.breathin >> how much faster, literally, can we go? can we so we're, you know, just so distracted all the time that ju you're actually missing yourso life. >> axelrod: if this all looks
6:19 pm
and sounds a bit new-agey, guess again. congressman tim ryan will tell you the new age is is >> it's a quiet revolution that's happening. >> reporter: ryan is a former high school football hero who has now written a book on mindfulness. the group he thinks would benefit most from reading it? his colleagues on capitol hill. i can't think of a city in america less introspective than washington. >> yeah, that's true. it's a problem, and i think ife. you go back in the history of the h our country to the big mistakes bi that we made, it seems to me ma like we weren't seeing things quite clearly.h a little high-five, come on. cl >> axelrod: ryan is pushing a curriculum called s.e.l., socialcurriculum emotional learning that teaches kid to relax, calming themselves into a state where they'reate better able to learn. juanita rodgers uses it in herdgers u kindergarten classroom in a tough neighborhood in to youngstown. >> they have no control overhey where they come from.
6:20 pm
they have no control over where where th they live. when they close their eyes they can actually see themselvesey clo doing well in school. and when you can see it, it will happen. >> axelrod: in the last three years, they've seen double-digit improvements in read scores, butle-digit 10-year-old alissia thomas isd focused on other benefits, not measured by test results. do you need and the other kids othe need it find ways to be calm?nd >> yes. a lot of them do because of the>> anger. >> axelrod: what kind of anger? >> we have some fights and when they get angry, they go for the som person they're angry at.o they need to just be able to sit b down and think of their happy place. >> axelrod: ryan will be introducing a bill that will help states implement s.e.l. standards and promote mindfulness in medical schools teacher training programs, and to help treat >> it's happening now in the military, in the prisons. i think at some point, the more we understand about how the
6:21 pm
brain works, the more this is going to catch on. >> axelrod: according to the magazine "psychology today" maga somewhere near 10 millionso americans are practicing some sort of meditation. in brazil another way to take a break from the stresses of daily life, the rio de janeiro carnival got under way with floats and music and samba dancing. as many as two million people musi join the annual party which reaches its peak on tuesday.ual party still ahead, a volunteer repair st crew from haiti helping out a long ways from home. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your runny nose. [ breathes deeply ] awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is. that's the cold truth! if you're living with moderate to severe crohn's disease, and it feels like your life revolves around your symptoms, ask your gastroenterologist about humira adalimumab. humira has been proven to work for
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robitussin®. don't suffer the coughequences™. >> axelrod: there seems to be an endless number of ways to illustrate just how much snow has fallen in northeast we wanted to share with you three of our favorites. this is a front door in trumbel, connecticut. look how high, just about to the top of the door frame. in falmouth, maine, 17-month-old mateo, is mesmerized and amber from massachusetts is speaking for many, and that's without saying a single word. the big blizzard hit areas vathis barely started to recover from super storm sandy a little more than three months ago. fortunately, one new york cityom w neighborhood is benefiting from what you might call island-to- island help.
6:25 pm
tony guida has the story. >> reporter: the language is creole. the message is, "let's get to creole work rebuilding this damaged house." af >> i'm here because after the big hurricane sandy, some of us saw how, you know. >> reporter: frank joseph his colleagues are from haiti. they survived the 2010ived t earthquake that devastated their nation. and they haven't forgotten the f kindness of so many american strangers. the haitians arrived thursday, >> because they help us to rebuild, we're ready to put in installation, sheet rock, and everything that needs to be done. >> reporter: the haitians arrived thursday, just in time for weather they've never seen-- icy temperatures and blizzard conditions as they began rehabitions work in a staten island neighborhood wrecked by super storm sandy. they were brought here by richard holtes, whose foundation, he says, built some 500 homes in haiti for people
6:26 pm
living in refugee camps after the earthquake. >> they were living on the dirt. they had nothing. li they actually said to us, "one day, we want to do what you're doing. we want to go and help people."and help >> reporter: hotes paired the haitians with local contractors. >> well, the skills that you acquire here doing this help youire back in haiti? >> we're learning right now. we'll go back to haiti andk anybody who has this kind of >> work, okay i'm ready. >> reporter: he also learned t something not useful in haiti how to have a snowball fight. the haitians will be in staten island through next week. >> from our hearts, we'rere grateful to be here. >> reporter: they hope to help rebuild 100 homes by then. >> axelrod: and that is the cbs evening news for tonight. later on cbs, "48 hours." for all of us here at cbs news i'm jim axelrod in new york.hour good night. captioning sponsored by cbs
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captioned by media access group at wgbh access.wgbh.orgcaptione media access group at wgbh expands for an ex l-a cop suspected of killing 3 people. i think he's long gone. >> is he? the search expands for an ex- l.a. cop suspected of killing three people. >> plus a disturbing statistic? berkeley. why the number of reported rapes nearly doubled in one year >> and it's almost here. giants fans celebrate with their players before they head off to spring training. kpix 5 news is next.
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we begin tonight with a developing story: the former >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. we begin tonight with a developing story of a former lapd officer suspected in a rampage that left three people dead is still on the run tonight. this is new surveillance video that was just released. it appears to show christopher dorner tossing a magazine full of puts and a military belt into a dumpster in san diego county. it's from the day after he allegedly killed two people. cbs reporter edward lawrence is in los angeles with the latest on the investigation. edward. >> reporter: this is a developing story now. lapd police chief charlie beck says he is now going to reopen the investigation that sparked christopher dorner to go on his revenge shooting rampage. the police chief


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